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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Introducing Jacks!

It's Spring, but you can't tell that by the weather here in Delaware.  Schnapps and I got some lighter weight yarn in from KnitPicks though and we are starting on some new hat patterns.  One of these days it will warm up and then people will need lighter hats!  The plan is to put together another paperback book, but we will be sharing at least some of the patterns here as well.

Thank you Becky for the name of this hat.  It reminded me of the game "jacks" too!  This was knit using KnitPicks brava sport, but instructions are included for all yarn weights.  Just imagine all the color combinations that you could use for this!

One of these days it will be warmer!

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You will need 2 colors of 2-weight yarn and size US 5 needles, or some other combination listed below.

k2tog:  knit 2 stitches together

Using Color B, cast on 96 stitches, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work Brim:  Using Color B
Row 1:   knit all stitches
Row 2:   purl all stitches

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until your work measures about 1 inch in length.  Then work Row 1 and Row 2 one time using Color A.

Work Body of Hat:  Using Color B:  
Row 1:  knit all

Repeat Row 1 until your work measures 2.5  - 3 inches in length.

Work Pattern:  all stitches are knit stitches.  The numbers and letter refer to color:

Row 1:   *1B, 4A, 2B, 4A, 1B*; repeat around
Row 2:  *2A, 1B, 6A, 1B, 2A*; repeat around 
Row 3:  *1A, 3B, 4A, 3B, 1A*; repeat around 
Row 4:   *2A, 3B, 2A, 3B, 2A*; repeat around 
Row 5:   *3A, 6B, 3A*; repeat around
Row 6:   *1B, 3A, 4B, 3A, 1B*; repeat around 
Row 7:   *1B, 3A, 4B, 3A, 1B*; repeat around 
Row 8:   *3A, 6B, 3A*; repeat around 
Row 9:   *2A, 3B, 2A, 3B, 2A*; repeat around 
Row 10:   *1A, 3B, 4A, 3B, 1A*; repeat around 
Row 11:   *2A, 1B, 6A, 1B, 2A*; repeat around
Row 12:   *1B, 4A, 2B, 4A, 1B*; repeat around

Repeat Rows 1 - 12  until piece is about 6.5 to 7 inches in length.

Work Crown:  Using Color B only
Row 1:  knit all stitches

Repeat Row 1 until your work measures 7.5 to 8 inches in length.

Decrease Crown:  Using Color B use dpn’s when needed

Row 1:    *k10, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 2:    *k9, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 3:    *k8, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 4:    *k7, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 5:    *k6, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 6:     *k5, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 7:     *k4, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 8:     *k3, k2tog*; repeat around 
Row 9:     *k2, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 10:   *k1, k2tog*; repeat around 
Row 11:   *k2tog *; repeat around

 Finish: Cut working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.  Draw the tail through the remaining stitches, cinch closed and secure.  Weave in ends and share.

This made a small adult size hat.  Adjust accordingly!

If using 6-weight yarn, use size 13 needles and cast on 48.   You can only do one pattern repeat in the body in this weight yarn.   Begin the crown decrease with Row 7.

If using 5 weight yarn, use size 10.5 needles and cast on 72 stitches.

If using 4-weight yarn, use size 8 needles and cast on 84.  

If using 3-weight yarn, use size 6 needles and cast on 96 stitches.   

If using 2-weight yarn and you want an average size hat, use size 5 needles and cast on 108 stitches.

This  pattern is worked over 12 stitches.  Adjust accordingly for size differences.