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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The 12 Weeks of Christmas 2021!

 Today is very warm here in Delaware, but it's time to kick off the 12 Weeks of Christmas! 

If you want to make this using lighter weight yarn, you might want to double the stripes.  You might want to work with just one color.  You might want to make each stripe a different color.  Have fun with it!  It's a simple pattern that gives a bit of texture and interest to the cap. 

Everyone is welcome to join us!  Hopefully you will be inspired to make a hat or two (or three or forty!) for a local cancer center or to send to us at Delaware Head Huggers.  Chemo caps are in huge demand right now and you can help!

Please consider donating if you are using my patterns.  I post these patterns, mostly free, so everyone can use them to help others.  Shipping and supply costs to run DEHH are high and every little bit helps.  

Join us on Facebook to see some fun fundraisers that we have going on - you can purchase DEHH stickers, nature notecards or calendars.  You can purchase pattern books or individual patterns of some of our designs.  Or you can simply use the donate button to the right on this page.

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Hopeful Ribbons is the first pattern.  This model was knit using Charisma yarn in 2 colors and size 11 needles, but of course, instructions are included for all yarn weights.

Hopeful Ribbons PDF

It's Electric is the second pattern.  It's named this because so many people thought it looked like lightning bolts.  The model was knit with worsted weight yarn, but the pattern includes information for all yarn weights.  Keep in mind that if you knit this using thicker yarn, the pattern will be fewer rows and will look different.  Not bad, just different!

It's Electric PDF

All Lanes Lead is the third pattern.  The slight twist in the pattern adds some interesting texture to this quick knit!  This will work wonderfully in any yarn weight and in any color.  Use a different yarn for the the brim than you do for the body and create a ton of color combinations.  

Embossed Alleys is the pattern for Week 4!  This is a super simple, really quick knit that you can make in any color.  It's suitable for men or women and will be a pattern you come back to often when you need a cute hat that you can make fast!  Of course the PDF included directions for all yarn weights, so dig into your stash and get knitting!  Don't forget to make one for your local cancer center too.  And don't forget to donate if you can to help with postage and supply costs!

Ebb & Flow is the pattern for Week 5!  Can you believe it's Week 5 already?  This is a pattern that uses some twisting of stitches to give it some interest and texture.  A cable needle is needed, but don't let that scare you away from the pattern.  It's a fairly simple knit that is very straight forward and even if you haven't ever done cables before, you can do this!  I like that it is suitable for men or women too.
The model is knit using Lion Brand Hometown USA, which is a 6-weight yarn that I love to use for winter chemo caps.  It washes great, is super soft and comes in tons of colors.  Of course, the PDF includes instructions for all yarn weights so you can use whatever you have in your stash or whatever you prefer to work with.  

Positive Energy is the pattern for  Week 6!  We're halfway through already.  
This is an extremely versatile, quick and simple knit, that uses only knit and purl stitches.  It works great for both men and women and can be adapted for any yarn in your stash.  The brim and crown can easily be made in a contrasting color to the body for a different look, opening up a world of color combination.  This model was made using worsted weight yarn, but there is a photo of chunky yarn in the PDF.  The pattern includes instructions for all yarn weights.  

Contained Curves is the pattern for Week 7!  Using simple cable stitches to add texture give this unisex hat lot of visual interest.  The model is knit using super bulky yarn, but would look equally nice in any yarn weight.  With just 4 rows to repeat, this is a great first project for those who are unfamiliar with using cable needles but want to give it a try.  You'll be glad you did!  Instructions are included for all yarn weights, so search your stash for that perfect skein and get knitting!  

Chevron Chic is the pattern for Week 8!  A chevron pattern makes this a timeless pattern visually interesting, yet still so simple to knit!  There are good reasons why chevron patterns are so popular - they are perfect for men and women, they allow for individuality while still maintaining a classic feel and they are just fun to knit.  Use an unexpected color combination to make this hat really pop!  The model is knit using chunky yarn, but the pattern includes details for all yarn weights.  

Cordillera is the pattern for Week 9.  This is a very simple pattern to follow - you repeat rows 4 or 5 times, making the hat practically fly off your needles.  The initial model was knit using 5 weight yarn. There were too many rows for the pattern to work exactly as written with 6 weight yarn, so I played around with it and adapted it so all yarn weights are included! Perfect in any color this addictive knit will become one of your go-to patterns!

Escalators is the pattern for  Week 10!  Extremely simple slipped stitches give the impression of floating staircases or ladders.  This adds lots of visual interest and texture and works well for variegated or self striping yarn too. Easily adapted for length and the pattern includes information for all yarn weights.  This quick knit makes a great gift for a friend as well as a terrific chemo cap.  It is suitable for men or women.  You can easily add a contrasting brim if you want.

* The first PDF of this pattern was missing the brim section.  The PDF has been updated and the same link works. *

Softened Swells is the pattern for  Week 11!  Though equally attractive in a solid color, a self striping or variegated yarn can add a little extra charm to this hat.  This pattern will work well with fuzzy yarns or smooth and anything in between. This is a simple 4 row repeat that is easy to memorize and flies off your needles.   The model was knit using 5-weight yarn, but of course the pattern includes instructions for all yarn weights.  

 Knotty Lines is the pattern for  Week 12!  The 12 Weeks of Christmas is finished, but there are more new patterns to come!  A very simple cable stitch adds some interest to the pattern.  The model has a contrasting brim, but you could easily knit this all in one color.  You could also knit the textured part as a band in the center of the hat - just knit an inch or so of stockinette before and after the pattern rows.  The model was knit using super bulky, 6-weight yarn, but the PDF has information for all yarn weights.  Experiment and have fun with it!  Coordinate colors or go monochrome - either will work well.  

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