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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Star Stitch Football Game Hat!

Well, I was sitting watching football with my husband and son and I needed to knit something, so I came up with this hat.  I wanted something with quick results and this is certainly quick.  The fourth quarter is still going on and I'm finished.   This pattern should be knit loosely (which is sometimes a problem for me!) and the hat is big enough for a large adult.  There's a decent amount of stretch to it, but it fits nicely on smaller adult heads too. 

This pattern used well less than a skein of yarn.  I'd say probably about 60 yards would be fine, but I always make sure I have more - just in case.........

I recently came across the star stitch online and liked the way it looked.  So, I used that as inspiration and experimented.  I kind of like the finished result of this hat............

I knit the same pattern again - Sunday Night Football and was finished before halftime.........I did the 4 x 4 ribbing for about 4 inches on this one.  This time I used a variegated, boucle type yarn......Patons Melody, which I love, but I'm not sure it's right for this just can't see the stitches as well as with the solid color yarn.  But, it's still a cozy and soft hat.

I used:

Blue Hat:  Lion Brand Hometown super bulky yarn  - one skein (81 yards) is more than enough (any super bulky or 6-weight yarn will do.)

Multi Color Hat:  Patons Melody super bulky yarn - one skein (72 yards) is more than enough. 

Size 13 straight needles

Stitch Explanations:

Make Star - Knit 3 stitches together, but don't take them off your left hand needle. Yarn Over and knit the same 3 stitches together again, this time completing the knit stitch and allowing the stitches to fall off the left hand needle.

4 x 4 Rib - *Knit 4, Purl 4, repeat from *

Star Stitch Hat Pattern

UPDATE TO PATTERN:  Someone pointed out that the first row could be viewed as needing 49 stitches.  Please just repeat K1, MS across the row!  Sorry for any confusion!!! 

Cast on 48 stitches

Work 4 by 4 rib for about 2 inches  (Make the ribbing longer or shorter if you like)

Begin Pattern:

Row 1:  Knit 1, Make Star, *Knit 1, Make Star repeat from *  (K1, MS, *K1, MS repeat from *)

Row 2:  Knit across

Continue alternating Rows 1 and 2 until the hat is about 7 inches long.  Make it longer if you prefer.

Decrease as follows:

Row 1:  Knit 2 together (K2tog) across the row - 24 stitches

Row 2:  *Knit 1, Make Star, repeat from *

Row 3:  Knit 2 together (K2tog) across the row - 12 stitches

Row 4:  Knit across

Row 5:  Knit 2 together (K2tog) across the row

Cut your working yarn and draw it through the remaining stitches on your needle.  Cinch the top of the hat.

Seam the side and enjoy!  Or in my case, tag it with a Delaware Head Huggers tag and ship off to a chemo center.  :)

PDF Version

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stash busting key chains!

I've got lots of little bits of yarn around the house, so I was trying to decide what to do with some of it and this is what I came up with:

A keychain that is quick and easy to make.  I don't have any metal fasteners right now, but I think one would be helpful to hold the i-cord together so the ends can't catch on keys or other items in your purse.

This is just a simple i-cord about seven inches long, placed around the key chain ring. I used size 6 dpns and did a four stitch i-cord using Berroco Lumina in Infinity and Beyond.

The flower is a super easy pattern from  "For the Love of Yarn" found here:

I used size 8 straight needles and a combination of Lumina and leftovers of a superwash merino from a shawl project for the flower.  Stitch the flower to the cord and you've got a cute key chain. These would make great gifts.  You can make the flower and the i-cord any size or color - I'm planning on experimenting and trying out other combinations.

Happy Knitting!