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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Introducing Hope for All!

This hat pattern is not available for free.  For the month of May 2013, 100% of the $3.00 purchase price will be donated to the people of West, Texas.  They lost so much in the explosion and I am afraid that they are not getting as much help as they need.  Boston also needs help and many people and yarn companies are helping One Fund Boston.  So, I decided to give these proceeds to Texas.  I will also be donating at least 10% of all other pattern sales this month.  My patterns are available in my Craftsy and my Ravelry stores which have links to the right of this page.

 This model was knit with super bulky 6-weight yarn, using size US 13 circular needles.  The pattern has instructions for chunky, worsted and sport weight yarn, including how to adjust the measurements for different yarn weights and how to adapt the size.

Usually, the purchase patterns are fund raisers for Delaware Head Huggers.  At times like this, we all need to help wherever and however we can.   I am not in a financial position to donate lots of money - nor are many of you.  So, this is a way I can use my creativity to try to help others.  Please purchase the pattern and any others if you are able to do so.  

Thank you to Needha from Texas who donated the yarn that inspired this hat and to Kathy for suggesting that the pattern could work for all cancer support colors.  I truly love the idea of people, all over the world (because I know many of you aren't in the USA) wearing hats inspired by this pattern in colors that have meaning to them.  Take it beyond cancer and knit it in colors for other issues - Mental Health Awareness, Lupus, Autism - any issue that is near and dear to your heart.

Hope for All is the name because I hope it inspires hope in all who are fighting a battle.
No matter what that battle may be.

 If you're not a fan of Delaware Head Huggers yet, stop by and "Like" our Facebook page.  Help us name the patterns and see all the beautiful hats that are donated.  Stop by Kozy Kovers for Kids Facebook page too!  We welcome everyone to join us.  Stop by and say hello.  You can always reach Schnapps or me at too. 

Schnapps is always ready to help people and knit!

All are welcome to join us in some way!  
If you know anyone who needs chemo caps, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will send some out to anywhere in the USA.

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