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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Introducing Holey Roller!

This is Schnapps latest pattern.  Thank you Barb for the name!  It's got a rolled brim and eyelets and her name choice made me laugh and Schnapps approved!

This hat was knit using Lion Brand Baby's First, a cotton blend, 5-weight yarn that is very soft and cool.  It works up quickly too.

I'd like to ask you all to please keep my very close friend Judi in your thoughts - she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and will be starting treatment this month.  I've been busy trying to make some hats for her and get some other things together to send her as she starts this battle.  Many people who I care about are also currently going through treatment or dealing with cancer in some way.  Please keep Jen in MI, Rich in DE, George in MD and all others who are fighting or are the loved ones of the fighters in your thoughts.  

Schnapps is knitting as fast as his paws can go.  Remember that all cancer centers still need caps even in the warm weather............both for cosmetic reasons and because chemo tends to make people feel the cold more.  Local centers will be grateful for all hats and I am still collecting all weight hats and I am putting aside the warmest ones to have on hand to ship out come the Fall when so many need really warm hats.  So, please, don't stop making and donating chemo caps just because the weather has turned warmer.

If you're not a fan of Delaware Head Huggers yet, stop by and "Like" our Facebook page.  Help us name the patterns and see all the beautiful hats that are donated.  Stop by Kozy Kovers for Kids Facebook page too!  We welcome everyone to join us.  Stop by and say hello.  You can always reach Schnapps or me at too.  We love to hear from everyone!
Schnapps enjoying a chilled cloth on an exceptionally warm Spring day!

Holey Roller
 You will need 5 -weight yarn and size US 10.5 circular needles and dpns or another combination listed below.
k2tog:  knit 2 stitches together as one
yo:  yarn over

Cast on 64 stitches, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work Brim:
Row 1:  knit all stitches
Repeat Row 1  until piece is about 3 to 4 inches.

Work Pattern:
Rows 1 & 2:  knit all stitches
Row 3:  *k2, k2tog, yo*; repeat around
Rows 4, 5 & 6:  knit all stitches
Row 7:  *k2tog, yo, k2*; repeat to end
Row 8:  knit all stitches
Repeat Rows 1 - 8  until piece is about 7 to 7.5 inches in length.  End on a Row 4 or 8.

Decrease Crown:  use dpn’s when needed
Row 1: *k6, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 2: *k5, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 3: *k4, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 4: *k3, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 5: *k2, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 6: *k1, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 7:  *k2tog*; repeat around

Finish: Cut working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.  Draw the tail through the remaining stitches, cinch closed and secure.  Weave in ends and give it to someone special who needs a warm hug!
 The pattern is worked over 4 stitches, but use a multiple of 8 to keep the crown decrease the same. 

To knit this using 6-weight yarn, use size 13 needles and cast on 48 stitches.

To knit this using worsted weight yarn, use size 8 needles and cast on 80 stitches.

To make it child size, use worsted yarn, size 8 needles and cast on 64 stitches.  Adjust in increments of 8 stitches for individual sizes.

To knit this using sport weight yarn, use size 5 needles and cast on 112 stitches.  


  1. GREAT pattern Thank you

  2. Thank you for all the goodness you do. Great job, Schnapps!

  3. Pretty hat. Thank you for giving the specifics for using other yarn weights.

  4. Heart's out to all cancer patients!! Your friends and families--and mine!!

  5. How many yards of yarn will I need to make this hat using a Bulky 5?
    How many yards of yarn will I need to make this hat using a worsted weight?

  6. easy hat to knit, the pattern looks complicated on completion, but an easy step up from plain knitting in the round.

  7. Your post made me get tears in my eyes. I will pray for your friend, Judi. I hope her treatments went well. I'm also going to make this hat for my friend. Also, Schnapps is very cute!:)

  8. I'm using this patter as the first that I will knit for me. Only been knitting a month, but have gone crazy with it and had made 2 stocking hats for my grandchildren that are actually good. I will make a scarf with this too. My granddaughter would probably like this with a flower on the side. So easy and cute, thanks.

  9. Can I knit this on straight needles?

  10. Adorable dog! Great hat! Cetainly suitable for those undergoing chemo. Prayers are offered for your friend and anyone else fighting this dreaded disease. Wonderful ministry you are doing.

  11. since yesterday i have been chasing this adorable adorable hat

  12. since yesterday i have been chasing this adorable adorable hat

  13. I love this hat and can't wait to get the Malabrigo Rasta yarn I just ordered to try it. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  14. Can I knit this on straight needles?

    1. You can knit any round pattern on straight needles, but you need to switch the stitches in the wrong side rows (in this pattern, the even rows). It's explained a bit better here: