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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Introducing Salt Water Taffy!

Schnapps and I were asked recently about making a lightweight, airy hat for someone who is undergoing chemo and feeling hot all the time.  So, Schnapps put his thinking cap on and got knitting and this is what he came up with.  We thought it looked like salt water taffy......just based on the colors.......I could just see all those pastel colored wrapped candies lined up in a box when I looked at it.  And since it's a light weight hat and I associate salt water taffy with summertime, I thought it would work.

We used Sugar 'n Cream in Lava Lamp for this, again since it was made for someone who is feeling too warm all the time, but you could use any worsted weight yarn.  I've included adaptations for different weights as well, but I'm not sure how often you'd want to make this pattern in a heavy weight yarn.......  We used just about a yard or two of a second skein, so you might want to have 2 skeins on hand if you use Sugar 'n Cream.  Otherwise, about 100 yards of any worsted weight yarn should work. 

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We wanted to tell you that at last count, we were up to 11,117 chemo caps and 524 Finn Hats!  More come in every week!
Schnapps is all set for football season with plenty of yarn for hats!

Salt Water Taffy
You will need about 100 yards of worsted weight yarn and size US 8 circular needles and dpns or some other combination listed below.

yo:  yarn over
k2tog:  knit 2 stitches together as one

Cast on 80 stitches, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work Stockinette:
Row 1:  knit all stitches
Repeat Row 1 until piece measures about 1.5 inches in length. 

Work Pattern:
Row 1:  knit all stitches
Row 2:  purl all stitches
Row 3 :  knit all stitches
Row 4 :  *yo, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 5:  knit all stitches
Row 6:  purl all stitches
Row 7:  knit all stitches
Row 8:  *k2tog, yo*; repeat around

Repeat Rows 1 - 8 until piece is about 6.5 to 7.5 inches in length or longer if you want a slouchier hat.

Decrease Crown: use dpns when needed
Row 1:  *k6, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 2:  *k5, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 3:  *k4, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 4:  *k3, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 5:  *k2, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 6:  *k1, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 7:  *k2tog*; repeat around

Finish: Cut working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.  Draw the tail through the remaining stitches, cinch closed and secure.  Weave in ends and give it to someone who could use a cap without needing the extra warmth.

The pattern is worked over 2 stitches.  The crown decrease is worked over 8 stitches.

To  knit this using 6-weight yarn, use size 13 needles and cast on 48 stitches.

To knit this using 5-weight yarn, use size 10.5 needles and cast on 64 stitches. 

To make it child size, use worsted yarn, size 8 needles and cast on 64 stitches.  Adjust in increments of 9 stitches for individual sizes.

To knit this using sport weight yarn, use size 5 needles and cast on 112 stitches.

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  1. when working the pattern, do you repeat rows 1-4 only to 61/2-71/2 inches
    or should the pattern read repeat rows 1-8 until you have 61/2 - 71/2 inches

    1. Thank you. It should read 1-8. I will fix that.

  2. I have a friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and she'll be starting chemo, so this will be ideal. Thank you for sharing.

  3. thank you for free knitting pattern. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and she'll be having chemo, so this hat will be ideal for her.

  4. So cute! Thank you for information for different size yarn and the child size. I knit for charity, mostly children.