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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Thankful Tree!

This is a completely non-yarn related project, but I wanted to share it anyway.  Those of you who know me personally know that I really do try to find the good in every situation and to focus on the positive instead of the negative.  I think it is truly important for everyone to remember that there are things to be thankful for every day.  It might be harder to realize them some days and there might not be as many at certain times, but there is always at least one thing for which you can be thankful.  Too often, we focus on what we want or what we do not like, instead of being grateful for what we already have.

I'm trying to pass that along to the students at my job.  I thought a good way to do that might be to make a "Thankful Tree" to post on my door that we could all fill in.  I've seen them before and thought it would be a great project for school.

I cut just a basic tree shape from a roll of brown paper.  My husband suggested adding the hole and the raccoons, which I think add a very cute touch.  I cut out bunches of leaves from construction paper so everyone can write what they are thankful for on one, (or two or five!) and add it to the tree.  I hung it on my door this morning when I got in and put a few leaves on it.

First thing this morning!
Throughout the day, students and staff stopped by to pick up leaves and write what they were most thankful for on them.  Each leaf was added to the tree and by lunchtime I realized that I am going to need more leaves.  I'm hoping that people will add to it all month..........maybe even adding a leaf or two every day as new things to be thankful for come to mind.

By lunchtime!
I know that I will smile every time I see this because it shows that people are thinking about the good and focusing on being grateful.  I'm making it a personal goal to add at least one leaf every day I'm at work.  This was such a simple project, but it has a lot of meaning.  I hope everyone who walks past my door, even when I am not there, takes a few minutes to think about life and to find the good.

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