My Very Best Friend!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Schnapps Withdrew from the Contest!

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for Schnapps in the contest that has been running the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention that many people were cheating and using browser add-ons and proxies to give themselves hundreds of votes in short periods of time.  This was not done for Schnapps, but we do not want to be affiliated with anything fraudulent.

I did contact the Facebook page which was running the contest (I Love Funny Dogs) and the company that licenses the software for the contest (Woobox).  Each tried to blame the other and told me that there was nothing that could be done to stop the fraud. 

A friend of mine showed me how easy it actually was to cheat - IF you had hours of time and nothing better to do with your life!  I was appalled at how simple it was and how lax the companies are about it.  I could have decided to cheat too, but that's not the way I do things.  I couldn't keep asking people to vote honestly, knowing that we would never win since others were cheating.  I asked at that time to be withdrawn from the contest, since I do not want to be associated with cheating or fraud in any way.  Schnapps is our mascot.  We're all about good things and honesty.......not sneaking around to win dog treats and an iPad.  Somethings are just not worth it!

The Facebook page finally, after I contacted them several times, got back to me, telling me that they know there is cheating going on, but they don't know what to do about it.  They asked why I wanted to be withdrawn, since if they got rid of the cheaters, Schnapps would be in first place.  That's not why I reported the fraud and I certainly don't want us to be a part of something that allows cheating.  I am not able to stop someone else from cheating for Schnapps (although I know that none of you would - it's just the principle of it) and so I stuck to my decision to take him out.  At this point, even a win would feel tainted to me.

I do hope you all understand my point of view on this.  I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience I caused.  I know that many of you went out of your way to vote for him and I hope you know that we both appreciate the time you took.  He'll keep creating patterns to share to show his gratitude also!

I bought him a special bag of treats yesterday to make up for his not being able to win.  In my book, he's #1 all the way and he knows that.  Those who cheat to win aren't really winning at all.  Schnapps is a true winner to me.  AND he can knit!!!

So hugs and tail wags from us.  Thank you again, so much for all your support!

Schnapps and his heart shaped tongue will not take part in anything fraudulent!


  1. Bravo! You did the absolute right thing. The contest became about human egos and was no longer about some sweet dogs. It's a shame that something meant for fun has been ruined by a few with no moral compass.

  2. I am proud that you recognized the sham going on with this contest. You, Schnapps and your organization have high standards and as such have gained so much respect from so many. Schnapps is a beautiful, talented and much loved dog, in my book and my fur babies included he is "Top Dog" I wish I had the means to reward you with the prize, for in my book You are the winner and always will be!!

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you understand! <3