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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Just Some Ramblings.......

In August I took a 10-hour a week job to help us cover the costs of shipping and supplies and just to give us some extra money.  I have worked at least 15 – 20 hours just about every single week, while only getting paid for 10 and donated hundreds of dollars of my own money through craft and office supply purchases.  Just me being me, I guess.

This week I was told that I am one of only 3 people at our campus that needs to start using a time clock to verify that I am working my needed number of hours.  I took offense at the implication that I was not honest (those of you who know me are aware of my integrity, I hope) and also at the fact that there is money for brand new time clocks, but not for a safe and secure door on our building.  (I’m not against time clocks, if everyone has to use them) I explained my feelings politely to the Executive Director, while stating that I would follow the directive since I am an employee.  I also informed her that I would no longer do any volunteer work or make any further donations because I do not volunteer for organizations that do not trust me or when I disagree with the way they spend donations.  I was told that she “used” to admire me as a person and that I was very disappointing. 

Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m comfortable without her admiration, especially since she doesn’t know me as a person at all.  I know that I do a lot of good for a lot of people.  But, it did make me think about how so many non-profits receive donations that are supposed to help with the mission of the agency and yet so much of that money is wasted on bureaucratic nonsense.  I’ve frequently said that I prefer to support grass roots groups that are doing good for others rather than a bureaucratic non-profit that spends donated money on paying the people at the top to make irresponsible decisions about how to handle the money. 

Non-profits have boards that are frequently out of touch with the actual workings of the organization.  No one should be a board member just to have something new on his resume. I know that even those organizations that do a great deal of good spend a lot of money on non-essential things.

I can honestly say that 100% of all donations and pattern costs are used to get hats and blankets to those who really need them.  I don’t get paid, I don’t pay to advertise and I certainly know that we are following our ‘mission’, simplistic though it may be. 

I recently said that something was going to have to give for me to keep up with everything……  I tried to not let the charities suffer while doing ‘extra volunteer’ work at my job.  My family hasn’t been affected too much (I hope) – I still cook dinner every night, do the laundry, clean, etc.  But I have been affected by the constant need to do more for every group. 

So, as difficult as it is for me to consciously pull back and force myself to only do a set amount every week, that is what I am working on.  I do not get paid for the summer at this job, so I am going to spend the next 9 or 10 weeks focusing on doing my job and everything I can do for the girls in only 10 hours.  Then I will have the summer to regroup.  I have realized that I can’t do everything for every organization that might have a good mission – almost every non-profit has a great mission statement.  I need to focus on putting my time and efforts into supporting those that are run in a way that lines up with what I think is right. 

I’m going to continue to put a ton of hugs, hope and love into DEHH and KKforK and supporting those special causes that come to my attention.  I am going to consciously put more time into taking long walks with Schnapps, trying out new recipes for my family, maybe getting Christmas presents worked on before December and basically just enjoying the life I am lucky enough to have.

Thank you to each of you who help make DEHH and KKforK successful.  I will always admire and appreciate you!  <3

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