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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Introducing the Love Bumps Beanie!

The Love Bumps Beanie is here!  Thank you Gaynell for the name.  

This comfy textured hat uses a gathered stitch to create the 'bumps'.  The pattern itself is very simple.  It might take a few tries to master the gathering stitch, but it's well worth the effort.  I tried to explain it clearly........I hope I did!

Schnapps needed a chilly washcloth on his head after figuring this one out!

To work the gathered stitch, you hold your working yarn as if to knit, then bring your right hand needle through the 3 strands on the wrong side of the piece that were created when you slipped stitches.  You then knit the next stitch on your left hand needle as usual.  Then bring the new stitch, on your right hand needle through the 3 strands, dropping them off the needle.  It sounds way more complicated than it is.  Try it and you'll see!

The pink needle is showing the 3 strands you will work with.
This shows the needle going through the three strands.

The needle now comes back to knit the nest stitch on the left hand needle, with the 3 strands still on the right hand needle too.
I knit this hat using Elsebeth Lavold's Calm Wool, which is a lovely yarn that knits up nicely, but any worsted weight yarn would do.

The pattern is free, although I do ask that if you have a moment, you stop by our Facebook page and like us.  Follow along as we make a difference and learn about new hat patterns as soon as they come off my needles.

The pattern may also be found on as a PDF .  If you are printing this, use print preview to determine the pages you wish to print or copy and paste it into a Word document to ensure that you print only what you want.  Don't hesitate to send me an email letting me know of any person or treatment center in need of caps.  If you are knitting any of my patterns, feel free to let me know how they come out and who you are making them for.  I have met so many wonderful, talented people since I began this organization and I love to hear from new people all the time!

Here is the pattern!  I hope you like it.  

Love Bumps


Sl3 = slip 3 stitches, one at a time, as if to knit

G1 = Gather Stitch:  With yarn behind work, as if to knit, bring the right hand needle through the 3 strands on the wrong side of the work created when stitches were slipped.  (see photo below)  Knit the next stitch and then draw the new stitch though the three strands.

K2tog = knit 2 stitches together as one.

Cast on 72 stitches on size 10 circular needles, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Knit Brim:  Row 1:  K3, P3 around.
Repeat Row 1 seven times for a total of 8 rows.

Work Pattern:
Row 1:                       Knit all stitches
Rows 2, 3 & 4:          Sl3, K3 around
Rows 5, 6 & 7:          Knit all stitches
Row 8:                       G1, K5 around
Row 9:                       Knit all stitches
Rows 10, 11 & 12:    K3, Sl3 around
Rows 13, 14 & 15:    Knit all stitches
Row 16:                     K3, *G1, K5* to last 3; end with G1, K2

Repeat Rows 1 - 16 two more times for a total of 48 rows.

Decrease Crown:

Row 1:        Knit all stitches
Row 2:        K4, K2tog around
Row 3:        K3, K2tog around
Row 4:        K2, k2tog around

Finish:  Cut working yarn, leaving a tail.  Draw the tail through the stitches left on your needle.  Cinch tightly, secure and weave in ends.  Spread some love and share!

Happy Knitting!


  1. This is another cool pattern/stitch that I would love to work on a larger item, such as a poncho...I'm certain I could do this...
    I didn't see what size needles you used for this, but they look like they may be your beloved size 13? I adore the larger needles...have made lots of things like bags and water bottle holders and some poncho starts using them...and I plan on using the size 50 needles to do a rapid my arthrits won't kill me using such large needles and so many strands of yarn at one time...anyway, I love all of the different, unusual and new, to me, stitches you have on your hats. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sorry - this hat is knit on size 10's. I'll update the post so that everyone can see that!

    I like larger needles also. I made an afghan on size 50's, but that is hard on your hands and wrists!

    Thank you!

  3. Hi, I just came across your great "Love Bumps Hat". This is really so cute. I do have one question?? You gather the three loops, on the back side, with your right needle, then knit the next stitch on your left hand needle and pull that stitch through the three strands. Right? So, I am guessing, since there is very little room after that is done, in order to pull the new stitch through the three strands, I will need to cross the three strands, on the right needle, over the new stitch, also on the right needle, and then drop the strands??? Kind of like a three stitch bind off. Then, continue on. Is this correct? I hope this makes sense to you. Please tell me this will work!!! :-)
    Thanks so much for your you patterns!!

    1. Joanne,

      I think what you are saying is's hard to visualize it without actually doing it. But, yes, you are bringing the new stitch through the 3 strands and then dropping them..........

      Hope that helps.

      THANK YOU! :)

  4. Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for your quick reply. And yes, you have been most helpful. Even though I know how hard it is to understand something when you do not have the item in front of you. You did great and I will continue on with the hat.

    Thanks again......Joanne :-)

  5. Hi, I just came across your site yesterday and got energized!! I've converted the Love Bumps pattern to a flat knit pattern and fine that the gather stitches end up being worked on a purl row. Did I get it right? My converted pattern is below.

    Cast on 72 stitches on size 10 straight needles.

    (RS) Row 1, 3, 5, 7: K1 (edge), K3, P2around to last stitch , K1 (edge)
    (WS) Row 2, 4, 6, 8: K1 (edge), K2, P3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)

    Work Pattern:
    (RS) Row 1: Knit all stitches decreasing 1 stitch in the row (ends with 71 stitches)
    (WS) Rows 2: K1 (edge), Sl 3, P3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Row 3: K1 (edge) Sl3, K3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (WS) Row 4: K1 (edge), Sl 3, P3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Rows 5: Knit all stitches
    (WS) Row 6: K1 (edge), purl to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Rows 7: Knit all stitches
    (WS) Row 8: K1 (edge) G1, P5 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Row 9: Knit all stitches
    (WS) Row 10: K1 (edge), P3, Sl3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Row 11: K1 (edge), K3, SL3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (WS) Row 12: K1 (edge), P3, Sl3 around to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Row 13: Knit all stitches
    (WS) Row 14: K1 (edge), purl to last stitch, K1 (edge)
    (RS) Row 15: Knit all stitches
    (WS) Row 16: K1 (edge), P3, *G1, P5* to last 4 stitches; end with G1, P2, K1 (edge)
    Repeat Rows 1 - 16 two more times for a total of 48 rows.

    1. I'm not sure.......I've never knit it flat so I don't know if the gather works on a purl row....... Try it and see! :)

  6. again thanks for the patterns, they give style to people who are going thru chemo, which they need all the best at this time.

  7. Hi Just found your lovely patterns but don't know if you are in USA or UK. What thickness is 'worsted wool'. In UK we would say maybe 4ply or double knitting. Thanks

    1. I'm in the USA - worsted weight is 4 weight yarn here. Here is a conversion table for you.