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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Twelve Weeks of Christmas 2018!

Yes, we're a week late with this, but we started it on our Facebook page and I figured it might be good to post here as well.  I'm working on a new book, that will have detailed instructions for knitting a hat using any yarn you have in your stash!  Join the discussion about what should be included on Facebook too!  

I'll update this page weekly with a new PDF and a link to the original blog post.  Remember to keep making chemo caps and blankets as you work on your holiday knitting too!  Please share this photo with people you know.  The need for chemo caps is huge!  If we all help, we can really make a difference.

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The Twelve Weeks of Christmas 2018!

Week One
Wine Bottle Sleeve

Week 2
Octavia the Octo-Pinkie Octopus

Week 3
Showers of Lace Scarf

Week 5
The Neck Nuzzler

Original Blog Post

FREE PDF on Craftsy

Week 6
Karmic Kuddles Arm Warmers

Original Blog Post

FREE PDF on Craftsy

Week 7
Harvesting Diamonds Hat

Original Blog Post

FREE PDF on Craftsy

Week 8
Breezes to Gusts Scarf

Week 9
Corrugation Cap

Week 10
Mobius Shawl

Week 11
Colors of the Season!

Original Blog Post

FREE PDF on Craftsy

Week 12
Two Boomarks!
The Pretty Little Stash Busting Bookmark 
For a Bibliophile
Pretty Little Stash Busting Bookmark

For a Bibliophile
Original Blog Post:  Pretty Little Stash Busting Bookmark

FREE PDF on Craftsy

Original Blog Post:  For a Bibliophile

FREE PDF on Craftsy

We hope you enjoyed the 12 Weeks of Christmas. 
Have a wonderful holiday!

Maybe we will do this again in 2019!

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