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Monday, June 24, 2019

Introducing Undulations! Announcing Stash Hats!

In honor of Schnapps, I am posting the pattern for Undulations here free for everyone.  The pattern includes instructions for all yarn weights and is a simple, stranded color work hat.  The model was worked using Knit Picks Cotlin yarn, so it's a great chemo cap for the summer months.  The pattern is a 10 stitch - 7 row repeat, so it will translate nicely into other weights as well.  Want to learn how to adapt all hat patterns for the yarn you already have?  I have a book for that!  :)

This pattern, as well as the pattern for the Lumpy, Bumpy Hat is available in the book Stash Hats also. 

I have created an eBook to help you design your own hat patterns, using whatever yarn you have in your stash.  I've been working on this for quite a while and while it's far from a comprehensive guide to hat knitting, it does cover all the basics that you need to get started.  Schnapps would want everyone to keep making a difference for those fighting cancer!  

Often I get questions about how to adapt patterns for different yarn weights and how to adjust them for different sizes.  I tried to cover all the main steps to doing that in Stash Hats.  The book also includes directions for adapting circular patterns for flat knitting and flat patterns for circular knitting.  I hope it helps many of you make fabulous hats!  Here is the Table of Contents so you get an idea of what's included.

Steps to Starting a Hat
  1.  Choosing yarn and needles       
  2.  Deciding on size
  3.  Knowing how many stitches to cast on
  3.  How to cast on for circular needles

Choosing Your Style
  1.  Different Brim Styles
  2.  Different Body Styles
  3.  Decreasing the crown
  4.  Adding Something Extra
  5.  Finishing 

Adapting Flat and Circular Knitting Patterns
  1.  From Circular to Flat:     Braided Hope Hat Pattern
  2.  From Flat to Circular:     Stylish Tiles Hat Pattern

Adapting A Pattern
  1.  Substituting yarn weights
  2.  Calculating yarn multiples/adjusting the size

Helpful Information
  1.  Reading Yarn Labels
  2.  Tips

  1.  The Lumpy, Bumpy Hat pattern
      2.  Undulations Pattern

Stash Hats is available as a paperback book and a Kindle download from Amazon as well as a Ravelry e-book.  You can use the link on the right hand side of the page for the e-book or click here to go to my Amazon books.

2 colors of 3-weight yarn and size 6 circular needles or another combination listed below

k2tog:  knit 2 stitches together

Using Color B, cast on 110 stitches, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work Brim:  Using Color B
Row 1:  *k3, p2*; repeat around
Repeat Row 1 until your work measures about 2 inches, or longer if you prefer, in length.  

Work Pattern:  all stitches are knit stitches.  The numbers and letter refer to color:  In the model Color A is gray and B is purple.  

Row 1:  *2B, 2A, 2B, 2A, 2B*; repeat around 
Row 2:  *1A, 2B, 4A, 2B, 1A*; repeat around 
Row 3:   *1B, 1A, 2B, 2A, 2B, 1A, 1B*; repeat around
Row 4:   *2B, 1A, 4B, 1A, 2B*; repeat around
Row 5:   *1A, 2B, 1A, 2B, 1A, 2B, 1A*; repeat around
Row 6:   *2A, 2B, 2A, 2B, 2A*; repeat around 
Row 7:   *1B, 2A, 4B, 2A, 1B*; repeat around 

Repeat Rows 1 - 7 until piece is about 7 to 7.5 inches in length.
Knit End Row:  *4A, 2B, 4A*; repeat around

Work Crown:  Using Color B:  use dpn’s when needed 
Row 1:    knit all stitches
Repeat Row 1 until piece is about 8 to 8.5  inches in length.

Work Crown Decrease in Color B:  
Row 1:     *k8, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 2:     *k7, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 3:     *k6, k2tog*; repeat around 
Row 4:     *k5, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 5:     *k4, k2tog*; repeat around 
Row 6:     *k3, k2tog *; repeat around
Row 7:     *k2, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 8:     *k1, k2tog*; repeat around 
Row 9:      *k2tog *; repeat around

Finish: Cut working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.  Draw the tail through the remaining stitches, cinch closed and secure.  Weave in ends and share.

If using 6-weight yarn, use size 13 needles and cast on 50.

If using 5-weight yarn, use size 10.5 needles and cast on 70. 
If using 4-weight yarn, use size 8 needles and cast on 90.   

If using 2-weight yarn, use size 4 needles and cast on 130.  

This  pattern is worked over 10 stitches.  Adjust accordingly for size differences. 


  1. Robin, if color A is purple, shouldn't cast on and crown be done in A rather than B?

  2. Replies
    1. It says B is purple

    2. B is purple. The cast on and crown are done in purple, as it states.

  3. Thank you for sharing a beautiful pattern it’s very much appreciated. :)

  4. Oooppss I forgot to add love your fur baby, beautiful!