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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

DEHH Stickers! Show Your Support!

Let's spread the word about Delaware Head Huggers and raise awareness for the need for chemo caps! These are removable stickers that can be placed on vehicles, water bottles, computers, notebooks, etc. Made in the USA! If you've ever used one of our patterns, consider buying a sticker and supporting our mission!

Only $5 each, which includes shipping and all proceeds will go towards shipping and supply costs to keep sending chemo caps to centers and individuals who need them!

DEHH stickers are already in Delaware, California, Kentucky, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, New York, Florida and more! They are on vehicles, clipboards, water bottles and other items!

Once you get your sticker, let us know where you are displaying it. Send us a photo!

There are a few ways you can purchase one!

You can send a check to Robin Agar, 202 Acorn Forest Dr., Felton, DE 19943 and include a note that says it's a sticker purchase and include the address where you want the sticker shipped.

You can also send me an email with your address and pay through PayPal. My PayPal address is:

You can also use the "Donate Now" link right here on the right hand side of the page on this blog. Be sure to send an email too with the shipping address or include your address in the notes of the donation!

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