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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bubbles of Love Scarf

Before I talk about the latest pattern I want to share something I had posted on Facebook.  I know now all of you follow us there and this is important to me.  If you don't want to read it, feel free to skip to the pattern below.

"It has been a week that has made me question the world we live in, the motives of others and my ability to keep doing what I do. Some days there is an overwhelming sadness at all the people who are in need of help. And it seems that sometimes, the more you give of yourself, the more some people will try to hurt you. That is saddening also. And, I think it is one of the key things that is wrong in our world. So many people, instead of celebrating the kindness of others, try to find a way to express their own shame at being selfish by lashing out at others. Perhaps those people should find a way to give rather than hurt.

Those of you here know that DEHH and Kozy Kovers for Kids are not about me........they are about helping others and trying to find a way to make the world a more peaceful, kinder place. We spend literally thousands of dollars every year on supplies and postage and many hours making these organizations work. Schnapps does the knitting and designing and we both give most of what we do for free - neither of us are looking for any credit or attention other than to point out that the organizations are here and you are welcome to donate.

After a week of soul searching I know that my efforts have truly helped many thousands of people. Not only who we have donated to directly, but so many of you donate locally as well. We are all here to make a difference to someone. If you are not completely on board with that or if you question my motives in any way, please feel free to stop following us. We will still send hats to your friends and relatives in need. That's what we do and who we are and we will continue to do so as long as we can. No matter how many people try to discourage us.

I will not step off my soapbox, grab my Schnauzer, cuddle up and knit a hat for someone. Hugs, hope and love! ♥"

I find it difficult to accept that some people are truly ignorant enough to accuse those who do nice things of trying to gain attention for themselves.  I tend to believe that it is just mean-spirited people who are ashamed at themselves for not doing anything for anyone else and so they lash out.  No matter what their reasoning, we all have to just ignore their nonsense and continue doing good things for those who need them.  

I know that we all want to help Sandy Hook somehow.  However, this tragedy is nothing like Hurricane Sandy.  We could help the hurricane victims by sending money and material things.  They had lost material things.  The people of Newtown, CT lost innocence and irreplaceable loved ones.  Nothing that we can do can reverse that.  Kudos to everyone who has stepped in to help.  There have been lovely stories about comfort dogs, prayer shawls, teddy bears, scarves, knit monsters, etc.  All these will hopefully bring some comfort to those who are grieving.  I want to wait a while and once the initial media attention dies down, then hopefully we can do something to help them.  Right now, they must be overwhelmed with packages, notes and items.  Once things settle for them and they can see what they need, then perhaps we can help also.  In the meantime, you can always donate to local charities in honor of all the victims and their loved ones.  Put your heart, soul and love into what you are making and then pass it along to someone who needs it right now.

Now, I made a Bubbles of Love hat for my Mom for Christmas and she wanted a scarf to wear to protect her face from the wind when she goes for her walks.  I used the pattern to make this wide, bulky scarf/cowl.  I made it wide enough so that it can be folded in half for extra warmth, but then tugged up over her face when it's windy too.  However, the pattern lends itself to any yarn and to any size you wish.  Experiment and enjoy!

 If you're not a fan of Delaware Head Huggers yet, stop by and "Like" our Facebook page.  Stop by Kozy Kovers for Kids Facebook page too!  It's amazing how close we have all become through this page and we welcome everyone to join us too.

Bubbles of Love Scarf

Use any weight yarn and corresponding needles.  I used super bulky yarn and size 15 needles.

Pattern is multiples of 4, so cast on a multiple of 4, plus 2 edge stitches for each side.  

Cast on your desired number of stitches.  I cast on 18.  (place stitch markers after the first 2 stitches and before the last 2 stitches to make it easy to remember your edge stitches.

Row 1:  k2, knit in the front and back of each stitch to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 2:  k2, *k2tog, p2tog*; repeat across row to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 3:  k2, knit in the front and back of each stitch to last 2 stitches, k2
Row 4:  k2, *p2tog, k2tog*; repeat across row to last 2 stitches, k2

Repeat Rows 1 - 4 until desired length.  Bind off, weave in ends and enjoy.  

That's it!  Simple and entirely adaptable!

Remember, all are welcome to join us in some way - we love to see new people and are grateful when more people hear about us.  So, spread the word!  And, as always, if you or anyone you know is in need of chemo caps, please feel free to contact me directly at and I will be happy to ship some out.  If there is a chemo center that is near and dear to your heart and you think they could use some hats, let me know and I will ship a box off to them.  This is what we do!!

Delaware Head Huggers  

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  1. Please don't respond to the people -- or even the fact that it happens -- of those who are critical of you and the good work you do.

    Those folks are never going to listen to you, anyway. They're basically just mean-spirited and enjoy spreading negativity and nastiness. Don't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they've upset you. They thrive on that sort of reaction.

    AND, it's a big waste of your psycic energy.

    Just keep doing the wonderful things you do and bathe in the glow of your recipients' gratitude and those who admire you and your work.

    :) Words of truth and wisdom from an old lady -- Best always -- Marcie

  2. I think what you do is wonderful. You are a kind person who is sharing her gifts and talents with others. I wish I could be more like you. Thank you and all the other people that you work with.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a lot to me. I'm just trying to share my ideas and help some people along the way.