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Monday, July 18, 2016

Introducing the Smooth Sailing Scarf! It works with any yarn!

Schnapps made me a light-weight cotton and line blend scarf to help cover my neck when I'm out in the sun.  This is such a simple scarf......and can easily be made with any type of yarn.  The lacy design gives it some texture and interest, but it's just all garter stitch, similar to the Shawl for All, which was his inspiration.  Once you cast on, there is no counting, no worrying about which row you are on, absolutely no problems at all.  Smooth sailing from cast on to cast off!

You could make one of these to match the Beach Day hat.  You'll be protected, face and neck from the sun.  You could also make this in a super bulky yarn and have a cute winter accessory.  Or use lace weight yarn and make a delicate scarf to dress up any outfit.  Your choice of needle will be what makes this scarf light and airy, no matter what yarn you use.

We used CotLin yarn from Knit Picks for this model.  It's a 3-weight yarn that is cool and comfy and easy to care for.  This scarf used less than one 123 yard skein.  Depending on what yarn you use and how wide you want to make it, your yardage will change.  Experiment with it and see what you come up with.  Add stripes if you like.... customize it and have fun.

Schnapps reminds everyone to wear sunscreen and wear protective clothing!

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Smooth Sailing Scarf

You will need 3 weight yarn and size US 13 circular needles.  Scarf is knit flat, but the circulars are needed to accommodate the large number of stitches.   

This scarf is about 9 feet long and about 3 inches wide.....which was what we wanted.  If you want a shorter scarf, cast on fewer stitches......I doubt you'd want a longer one, but if you do, cast on more stitches.  Just be sure to use a needle that is several sizes larger than your yarn calls for.

Cast on 227 stitches.

Knit every row until you like the width.

Cast off knit-wise.

That's it! 

If you are using different yarn, adjust accordingly.  

For 1-weight  or 2-weight, use size 8 or 9 needles. 

For 4-weight yarn, use size 17 needles. 

For 5-weight yarn, use size 35 needles.

For 6-weight yarn, use size 50 needles.

Cast on depending on how long you want your scarf to be. 

Nothing is exact.........experiment and have fun!

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