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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hats Galore!

Well, I've been busy making hats and haven't even thought about updating this blog.  Found some great patterns online and made these hats and several others too..........

This is a super quick woven top hat that is made by loom knitting, using super bulky yarn.  In about an hour, you have a unique looking hat that can be made for children or adults -

I fell in love with the twisting and turning look of this hat and plan on making several more in various colors -

This hat was made on size 19 needles!  It's a simple seed stitch pattern that I found on Ravelry that makes an adorable hat -

This is another lacy pattern - the lace shows up better when it is actually on a person's head, but the chevron points together with the variegated yarn really work well together -

These two are for the children's hospitals - one is the same woven top, loom knit hat as seem above and the other is just a cutie with dangles added for fun -

Now I am working on a free wheeling hat that I am just attempting to make on my own - no pattern used.  We'll see how it comes out..................................

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