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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Well, I've been busy knitting, but wanted to take a few minutes out to stop and say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped Delaware Head Huggers and Kozy Kovers for Kids get off the ground.  It's been absolutely amazing working with everyone and seeing all the beautiful items all these talented people are willing to donate! I never imagined when I started this that there would be so many people wanting to help.  People have donated money for postage, materials to be used to create hats and blankets and moral support - all of which is needed, wanted and appreciated!

Every week, I am completely in awe at some of the beautiful items that come in......each made with so much love that you can see it in every stitch.  I've met so many inspiring people through these organizations........people suffering losses, grieving, injured and ill themselves, who somehow reach inside themselves to create gorgeous things for others.  AMAZING!!

Delaware Head Huggers is in need of hats - and I couldn't be happier.  I've been contacted by several hospitals and chemo centers that received hats last year asking for more.  We're managing to supply individuals who hear about us with hats as well!  Hats are constantly coming in and I am shipping them out as fast as they come in. As of 11/20, we have received 5.359 hats!  More are in at the library as I type this and even more are on their way. 

I've heard from patients, family members and health care providers telling how much a handmade hat means to a patient undergoing treatment.  It's a wonderful feeling to hear that our work is making a difference to people.

Kozy Kovers for Kids is also booming right now!  Our latest total was 577 blankets with more on the way.  We were able to donate many blankets to the State Police and local hospital for children suffering from abuse or neglect.  We have also sent many to foster care agencies to be given to children placed in foster homes, so that they at least have one item that is truly their own.

We will be working with Kind to Kids and their "My Blue Duffel" program.  The program supplies duffel bags so foster children do not have to use trash bags to transport their belongings. Kozy Kovers is going to try to donate as many blankets as needed so that each duffel bag comes with a blanket too!

I am truly thankful and grateful to everyone who has helped. We are a success because of each individual who contributes an item, a penny or a positive thought to us.

Please spread the word about us! 

Delaware Head Huggers is on Facebook

and on the web at

Kozy Kovers for Kids is also on Facebook

and online at

Visit, support us or just see what we're doing.  I bet you'll be inspired too!  I know I am!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Knitting!

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