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Saturday, January 14, 2012

2012 Week 2 - Goal Met!

Well, the second week of 2012 is drawing to a close and I managed to make 2 more hats this week.  Simple caps specially made for an individual who needs to keep her head warm in the cold weather. I shipped out a box of hats to her and a box of lighter weight hats to a little one in Hawaii who is undergoing treatment as well.

Delaware Head Huggers received about 51 hats this week!  So many people are willing to help that it's incredible.  I'm so lucky to have dedicated people who send in hats in groups of 15, 20 or even more at a time.  We're definitely making a difference.........I just wish we had enough hats to send to everyone who requests some.  I've got a waiting list, but we're getting there.  And I just might manage to get another hat finished this weekend............we'll see.

So many kind comments are still coming in about the Carolyn Rose cap pattern.  It makes me happy to see how much good is being done and how many people now know about the wonderful person I lost.  I hope to design some more hat patterns in the near future.........but right now I'm working fast to get as many chemo caps finished as possible to send to these people in need.

Kozy Kovers for Kids received 6 more blankets this week too!  Again, I am amazed at how generous people are with their time, talents and skills.  Beautiful blankets hopefully help these poor children.  Exciting news is that the Charity Chix of Pittsburgh, PA are teaming up with us to start the PA chapter of Kozy Kovers for Kids!!  They will be working with Pressley Ridge to start with and who knows where we can go from here..................  My dream is that someday every child in foster care, and any child who is suffering from abuse or neglect, will have a handmade blanket to show that someone cares.  I hope that it won't matter what state the child is in, we will be able to give them a hug and a blanket.

I'm still working on my afghan...........not very much has been done I'm sorry to say.  I keep focusing on hats and not spending enough time on the afghan.  Schnapps managed to sprain his toe playing ball this week - he's feeling just about all better now, but that definitely took time away from knitting.  He loves to snuggle while I knit, but he needed undivided snuggling for a few days.....  :)  But, I hope to spend at least a few hours this weekend adding more rows to it.  I adore the pattern and plan on making one for Kozy Kovers for Kids once I have finished this gift.

Spread the word if you would about Delaware Head Huggers and Kozy Kovers for Kids! 

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