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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 - Goal Met Again!

Well, even though I was a bit behind schedule this week, I have completed 2 hats for Delaware Head Huggers!  I have to tell you about this chance meeting in a doctor's office waiting room:  I was waiting for my Dad, knitting to pass the time, and a man told me that you can get hats like I was knitting at the hospital.  He told me how there is a group that does this wonderful thing of donating hats for patients undergoing chemo.  He's been going through chemo and even though they had a lot of pink and "girl" hats, they found him a nice masculine one to wear.  He was very impressed with this I asked if it was Delaware Head Huggers, and it was!  So, I introduced myself and gave him a card so he can call me if he needs any other hats in masculine colors!  Made me feel wonderful to just randomly run into someone who we were helping.

And it made me think that I really have to at least split the hats I make between male and female designs and colors.  So frequently I knit something I think of as "pretty" that I forget that men need these caps too.  So, I am going to try to be sure at least half of what I make is suitable for men.  Because honestly, women might like to wear hats in more masculine colors, but not too many men want to wear pink hats!

With that in mind, and since the pink one (a Carolyn Rose cap) was the one I was knitting when I met this man, the second one I did this week is in navy and gray.

Other spectacular news is that Charity Chix of Pittsburgh has officially started their own Kozy Kovers for Kids chapter.  Now anyone in the Pittsburgh area can donate directly to them!  Contact info is on the website at

82 hats and 7 blankets came in this week!  It's amazing that so many people are willing to use their talents to help.  Remember to spread the word - we can use all the help we can get - from moral support, to supplies, to hats and blankets.

I'm off to watch football and afghan is almost finished and I have at least 2 hats to make this week.

Happy Knitting!

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