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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 30!! Goal Met

It's the end of July - week 30 of 2012 already!  Time is flying by.  Once again I have completed two hats for the week.....and it's only Wednesday, so there could be another one done before the week is over!

Requests for caps are coming in every week and luckily I have been able to fulfill all wishes.  Thankfully, many wonderful people give freely of their time and talents and keep sending me hats so I am able to send them where they are needed most. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you or someone you know is in need of some chemo caps.  You can email me at and I will send some out.

Remember that all my patterns are also on Ravelry, where I am deheadhuggers.  My ebook Chemo Caps to Share is for sale for $3.00 and it includes 24 of my past patterns.  You can purchase it right here or on Ravelry or Etsy or Craftsy.

The first hat this week was the Armor of Hope Chemo Cap.  The pattern for that is in the previous post. 

The second is not officially named yet.  It will be part of the ebook that should hopefully be out soon! I had started a different pattern and it just wasn't working, so I let Schnapps work on his idea for a while and decided that I should always listen to him!

Sticking his tongue out at me because HIS design was better than mine!

This was a fun and simple cable pattern that I enjoyed working on.

I've started working on Christmas gifts too............that time flying thing is making me realize that I have to get started.  I'm hoping to have 10 patterns for an ebook within the next week or two and then slow down on the new patterns a bit.  We'll see how that goes.  I have so many ideas for hats in my head that I just keep working on them.
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Happy Knitting!

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