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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Introducing Promises of Hope!

Well, Schnapps and I have been busy this week.  We tagged hat 7,905 for Delaware Head Huggers!  Amazing!!!!!  That doesn't include this one!  I'm in the process of boxing up hundreds of hats to ship out so patients have them as the weather turns colder.

This hat can easily be knit so that the pattern continues all the way to the crown decrease, but Schnapps suggested we try it this way and I like it!  

He had to think long and hard about the crown decrease!

He was constantly checking up that I didn't drop any stitches while he was napping!

I used Louisa Harding's Grace - Silk and Wool for this model.  The texture worked beautifully for the stitch definition, but I think you could use any DK or sport weight yarn and still have a nice hat!


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 Promises of Hope

You will need about 200 yards of DK weight yarn and size US 6 circular needles (16 inch)


mk:  make knot:  k3tog, then without dropping stitches, p3tog and k3tog again.  Three stitches made in total

k3tog:  knit 3 stitches together as one

p3tog:  purl 3 stitches together as one

k2tog:  knit 2 stitches together as one

Cast on 114 stitches, place marker and join, taking care not to twist stitches.

Work Brim:

Knit all stitches for 12 rows or longer if you want a longer brim.

Band Pattern:

Rows 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 & 8:  knit all stitches
Row 3:  *mk, k3*; repeat around
Row 7:  *k3, mk*; repeat around

Work Rows 1 - 8 of the pattern two times, then work just Rows 1 - 3 once more.

Rest of Hat:

Knit all stitches in every round until the hat is about 7 inches in length.

Decrease Crown:

Row 1:  *k17, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 2:  *k16, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 3:  *k15, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 4:  *k14, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 5:  *k13, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 6:  *k12, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 7:  *k11, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 8:  *k10, k2tog*; repeat around
Row 9:  *k9, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 10:  *k8, k2tog*; repeat  around
Row 11:  *k7, k2tog*; repeat  around

Finish: Cut working yarn, leaving a 6-inch tail.  Draw the tail through the remaining stitches, cinch closed and secure.  Weave in ends and enjoy.
If you wish to knit the entire hat in the pattern, just continue repeating Rows 1-8 until the hat is 7 inches in length, then decrease the crown as written.

The pattern is in multiples of 6, so adjust accordingly. The crown decrease will need to be adjusted if you change the number of stitches.

Remember, all are welcome to join us in some way - we love to see new people and are grateful when more people hear about us.  So, spread the word!  And, as always, if you or anyone you know is in need of chemo caps, please feel free to contact me directly at and I will be happy to ship some out.  If there is a chemo center that is near and dear to your heart and you think they could use some hats, let me know and I will ship a box off to them.  This is what we do!!

Delaware Head Huggers  

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