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Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, I have three boxes of hats ready to ship.  The hats keep coming in and there is such a need for them!  Never a shortage of places to send them.

I'm slacking this weekend!  Made a hat for my husband, who lost the one I made him last year and tried a new pattern for a scarf. Not sure if I like the way it looks though, so I'm letting that sit and I just keep looking at it trying to decide if I want to have an entire scarf in that pattern.............

Now I'm working on a hat for Delaware Head Huggers!  I've got a few that need finishing touches on them and one of these days I will get them completed and tagged as well.  For today though, I'll finish the man's hat that I am working on and then maybe do a child's hat too.  I have to see how much yarn I use.

Happy Knitting!

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