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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hi there!

Hi!  I am a relatively new knitter and I'm really excited about all I'm learning along the way.  I love to snuggle with my miniature Schnauzer Schnapps while I'm knitting and he is always impressed with what I create......  :)  He loves to wear a scarf - he's got a regular one, a Christmas one and a Valentine's one and I just made him a cowl that he loves! 

When I first started, about a year ago, I contacted Head Huggers to inquire about donating some hats. I found out that there was not a splinter group in my state, so I started one.  We collect new, handmade hats for patients who are undergoing chemo, have had brain surgery or are recovering from burns. I'm happy to say that Delaware Head Huggers collected and distributed 3,520 hats in 2010.  We've already got 191 for 2011 too!

I also started Kozy Kovers for Kids, around the same time.  We collect handmade blankets to give to children entering the foster care system in Delaware. We collected 365 blankets in 2010!  

I am really excited about being able to give back through knitting. I also am trying to make things for myself in the limited amount of time I have in between work, tagging hats and blankets and taking care of my family. I'm hoping that by starting this blog, I will actually inspire myself to get more knitting accomplished!

If anyone has some nice hat or blanket patterns that you are able to share, please send them to me to share on Delaware Head Huggers or Kozy Kovers for Kids.

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