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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goal Met - Week 6!

I've been working on a blanket for Kozy Kovers for Kids, but I can't neglect Delaware Head Huggers, so I've been splitting my knitting time between the two.  I made 3 hats this week.....all on a loom.  The pink fuzzy one is a bit funkier than I usually make, but the yarn was donated, so I wanted to try it out.  Hopefully someone will find it to be the perfect accessory!

This week there was some major miscommunication with a hospital about them accepting hats, but luckily I was able to get that all straightened out and hats will be headed there shortly.  

Each individual hat is tagged with a card that states it is a gift from Delaware Head Huggers......I'm not sure how anyone would think another group made our hats...............but, as long as patients are getting the caps they need, it will all work out just fine!  Sometimes I think anyone who answers a telephone should have to take a basic courtesy class before being allowed to say "hello".  If people would just think before they spoke, so many unpleasant situations would just never happen!

On a much more positive note, this is an excerpt from an email I received from a center which had received hats recently:
I can’t tell you how much the patients appreciate these.  They are so touched when we offer it to them and they like to choose their own style.   The assortment is so nice,  one is lovelier than the next---so thanks again to you and all the busy hands that make these wonderful hats.  I hope the volunteers know how appreciated these little gifts are and that our patients are very grateful.  
Now that makes us all smile.  It's nice to know that we are able to make a difference.  I shipped a box of 110 hats out to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's pediatrics ward this week too.  Hopefully we will be able to send as many caps as they need.  Schnapps is ready to help by keeping watch as I tag each hat!

Hats of all sizes are needed!  Please join us if you are able!  I love to see how this organization grows all the time.

On the blanket side of life, I am putting together blankets for the local Emergency Department to have on hand to give to any child who is brought in suffering from abuse or neglect.  The staff say that the blankets are able to give a little security during a traumatic time.  Please join us here as well if you can.  Both websites have easy donation buttons and directions for where to drop items off if you live in Delaware and where to send them if you live in other states.  

Delaware Head Huggers  

Kozy Kovers for Kids

Happy Knitting!

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