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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 5 - Goal Met!

Well, it’s Thursday and I’ve got 2 new hats finished and tagged, so Week 5's goal is met!  This was a great week for hats (89 new ones in!) and blankets (8 new ones!) and I am so excited about all we are able to do with these beautiful items. Our totals so far are:  5,869 hats and 656 blankets!  Growing every week!

Some little children got Kozy Kovers for Kids at their adoption ceremony and the staff said that the little ones loved the blankets and clutched them tight throughout.  We gave 24 more blankets to Delaware State social workers for Milford and I’m starting another batch for Pressley Ridge and one for Kind to Kids as well. 

I cast on a blanket for Kozy Kovers for Kids, but I’ve just started it, so it’s got quite a ways to go.  I also knit 2 new hat patterns this week.  The first hat is here:

I should have used a lighter weight yarn.  I used a 6-weight and size 13 needles, but the pattern just isn’t defined enough.  It is supposed to have boxes easily visible….I thought I was imagining a nice masculine looking hat, but the yarn just isn’t working well.  I’ll try something else and see how that turns out.

Then I decided to put together a hat using the stamen stitch.  I like the symmetry of the stitch and the bit of a lacy look that you get from it, but it’s still a nice, warm cap.  I made this one using worsted weight yarn and size 11 needles.  I called it the Happy Hat, since I want all our hats to cheer up the people who receive them.  I'm posting the pattern in a separate post so it's easier to find.


Join us if you can - all are welcome!

Delaware Head Huggers  

Kozy Kovers for Kids

Happy Knitting!

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